The Sappi view:

We will continue

If there’s one thing about the current crisis we all understand –it’s that we are all in this together!
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The Sappi view: We will continue

Working together

If there’s one thing about the current crisis we all understand – across cultures, countries and communities – it’s that we are all in this together. Nobody is unaffected, and everybody has a stake in each of us coming through this in as good health as possible. And that’s very much true of our industry, too.

At Sappi, despite the difficult conditions we all face, we are working tirelessly to maintain our operations for the good of our customers and communities. All Sappi graphic paper mills in Europe remain operational, with dedicated staff working to maintain stocks, and with logistics and distribution running without significant interruption.

The future is already here

For what happens next, whenever that chapter begins, we are firm in our conviction that print remains and will remain an effective, adaptable medium – and one that offers consumers a deeper, more human engagement with brands. For evidence we need only to look to how the current crisis has reminded us all of the unique pleasure and release of spending time with a good printed magazine or book, as uplifts in sales and subscriptions have underscored.

We are also confident of another recent development – that recognition of print’s ability to work hand-in-hand with digital and to bring added, quantifiable value to multi-media campaigns will continue to grow. Digital and print working together very much have new territories to conquer, new opportunities to unlock.

The current crisis has also served to remind us of something else that was true before ‘lockdown’ became word of the year – that robust answers to questions of print efficiency are vital for all of us in this industry. Answers that we, at Sappi, are dedicated to working hard with our partners in print to formulate and refine.

Committed to success

We are in a fortunate position at Sappi – we are a financially solid company with well-invested assets and a trusted commercial record. This isn’t our first crisis, and we’ll bounce back this time just as we have done before. It’s our duty and our intention to do our very best to help as many as possible of our customers and partners do the same.

That means we are here to listen to our customers and work with them to find the best solutions to the needs and concerns of their business – today and tomorrow. It means we’re ready to step up to support them wherever and however we can, as a partner in print. And to continue to work vigorously to demonstrate the proven effectiveness of print to a wide range of their potential customers.

Our future is our customers’ future – and we’re committed to success in both.

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